Pitcairn Island Honey - A Taste of Heaven

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Pitcairn Island Honey

Pitcairn is a remote tropical island in the South Pacific ocean. It has a population of only 50 who are descended from the mutineers of HMAV Bounty. Beekeepers on the island produce a honey of intense fruitiness. The bees collect nectar from the Mango, Lata, Passion Flower, Guava and Roseapple flowers which are found in abundance on the tropical island.

Patience is a virtue when you order the honey as it can take a number of months to arrive. The island has no airport and is only occasionally visited by ship. My order took almost five months to arrive. It is worth the wait though as the taste of this pure honey is delicious!

Ordered Online 5 July 2009
Dispatched from Pitcairn 11 September 2009
Received in UK 26 November 2009
The honey can be ordered from the Government of the Pitcairn Islands website.

Jars of Pitcairn Island Honey

Honey Jars: Each jar of Pitcairn Island honey contains 250g.

Pitcairn Island Honey Pitcairn Island Honey

Parcel: The parcel of honey jars sent from Pitcairn Island. Each jar is well wrapped in newspaper.

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