The Berliner - British Military Train 12-13 May 2012

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The Berliner - British Military Train

An icon of the Cold War the British military train which ran between West Germany and Berlin was commemorated in Berlin over the weekend of 12-13 May 2012.

Between 1945 and 1990 the British military train travelled daily through Soviet occupied East Germany to the British sector of West Berlin. All the train doors were locked, an armed guard was on board and the British military and civil servants would take about 4 hours to cover the distance of 145 miles.

A special train The Berliner ran between Berlin and Hanover, on both Saturday 12 May and Sunday 13 May 2012, on the 21st anniversary of the last British military train. The train used a steam locomotive from the 1940s and an East German diesel. There was a dining car with a typical Royal Corps of Transport menu and wine list.

Proceeds from events on board The Berliner train raised funds for the Royal British Legion branch in Berlin.


British Forces News reports on the commemorative journey of The Berliner train.

Andy Mcloone tells the story of The Berliner train and retraces its Cold War route through present day Germany.

Special Commemorative Cover

The Berliner - Commemorative Cover

The British Forces Philatelic Service (closed down in 2022) produced a special commemorative cover which was carried on The Berliner train on 12 May 2012. This cover was sold in aid of the Berlin branch of the Royal British Legion. It was a limited edition of 1200.

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